Inside Apple's Insane $5 Billion Headquarters

The Apple Park is a 176-acre park in Cupertino, California, that took eight years to develop, propose, apply for permits, and construct. The 12,000 Apple employees began working from the "spaceship" in 2017, when the four-story, 2,800,000 square foot structure was completed. While the structure is massive, it is also environmentally beneficial.

Apple Park has 80 percent green area, with drought-resistant trees and indigenous flora, according to Steve Jobs' request that the site be more like a wildlife sanctuary than an office park. The site is dotted with large orchards that provide fruit for the cafeterias. Solar panels cover the roof, providing around 75% of the campus's electricity demands. The structure is also built to withstand earthquakes.

Because of the circular shape, the building's cost soared to such dizzying heights. "It's a circle, so it's curved all the way around," Jobs stated. This is not the most cost-effective method of construction. In the main building, every pane of glass will be curved. We have a chance to construct the world's greatest office building. I'm confident that architectural students will come to view it."

Employees may utilize buses and bikes to go from one end of the campus to the other because the circular structure is massive, measuring one mile in circumference. A network of roadways and parking spaces runs beneath the structure. There are seven eateries on site, as well as a 100,000-square-foot exercise center. The Steve Jobs Theater has a seating capacity of 1,000 people. There are also two huge buildings for research and development, as well as a staff health center. Although there is a visitor center, the remainder of the site is closed to the public, so you'll have to watch the film to discover more—or apply for a job at Apple

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