Inside Tesla's Insane Headquarters

Tesla has become one of the most competitive and wonderful automobile brands in history since elon musk founded it, but today's film isn't about musk or his vehicles. Welcome back to wealth up and stay tuned till the finish to learn more about Tesla's recent headquarters transfer from fremont to Texas. Let's begin our journey into Tesla's crazy headquarters in fremont, California, where it all began. As of now, there has been rumors that the company's headquarters will be relocated to Palo Alto, Texas, but more on that later today.

We take a look inside Tesla's fremont factory. Did you know that this is the only tesla factory that was not built from the ground up? The location was originally owned by General Motors from 1962 to 1982, after which toyota's nume or new united motor manufacturing incorporated came into the picture to buy the property for 800 million dollars on the 20th of May 2010, toyota then made a deal with tesla that was probably the best bargain ever.

The equipment was painted red and the factory was initially 10 times the size that was necessary at the time. The entire land area of the factory was 370 acres, of which only 10% was utilised. However, due to the rapid growth in production, by 2014 half of the factory space had been put to use. Tesla also installed skylights in their factories to provide a more natural working environment for its staff. The factory began to incorporate more and more facilities with time in 2016.

Tesla had to get approval to double the size of its factory the following year, adding around 4.5 million new square feet to the existing 370 acre area. Currently, the structure of the headquarters is such that the back end work takes place on top, where employees deal with paperwork in an office sitting, whereas the original manufacturing and production of the cars takes place below the same floor facilities. Tesla employees are, without a doubt, properly cared for. Tesla headquarters, in accordance with Elon Musk's worldview, give staff with unlimited flexibility. There aren't many barriers or cubicles in the office, so everyone sits in a shared area with their own desk.

Metal bolts, batteries, and battery packs are all of the same type. Humans, on the other hand, are masters of textiles, belts, and cables. Because people are superior at reducing wear and tear, robots are now used in the automotive manufacturing process, which involves lifting heavy pieces and assembling them into the shape of a car. The process is overseen and supervised by expert software designers who sit in the rear and write the whole program. This is Tesla's manufacturing operating system, which completes the intricate production of the s3 models with a healthy contribution for both robots and people at the workplace.

The car manufacturing unit includes a lot of other small buildings where numerous spare parts of the car are made such small buildings are situated minutes away from the main factory but create the key components required to complete a car model to give you a better picture imagine a different building manufacturing only tesla seats a whole other which only looks after the manufacturing of car doors as all of these small buildings are within the same space area minutes away from the car manufacturing unit the entire production process becomes a whole lot quicker even though these factories don’t get as much popularity as the main factory they still have made their league in the automotive industry tesla has also different units that are dedicated to creating battery management systems and autopilot hardware to improve the game of automation even further once the car is assembled completely at the main factory.

There are also temporary engineering units in the middle of the car assembling chain at the main factory where engineers can troubleshoot any glitches or lags quickly without disrupting the entire process. Sometimes cars are also pulled out of the assembling unit to fix some shaping or assembling error right there and sent ahead at the inspection center.

Finally, as we all know, Tesla has four gigafactories, the first of which is in Nevada, the second in New York, and the third in Berlin. I hope you enjoyed this video. If you did, please give it a thumbs up and share it with your friends. If you think we missed something, please let us know in the comments section below. Don't forget to subscribe to wealth up and click the bell symbol to remain up to speed on all of our current uploads. In the following video, I'll see you.

Inside Tesla factory
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