Tesla phone release date & feature leaks 2022

This gorgeous piece is a Tesla model PI phone that is rumored to launch in 2022. Tesla PI is one of the most recent peps projects of Elon musk’s tesla and consists of some of the most striking features of the century.

The billionaire visionary businessman Elon musk has already mastered many spheres of inventions ranging from spacecraft to electric cars. His products display the perfect combination of high-end technology and thoughtful sustainability and this latest smartphone is nothing different.

Join us as we explore the features of this beautiful smartphone. Musk and his team have been working on this mobile for the past few years and brought to us the future we all dreamt of. Tesla has already announced to launch of smartphones something entirely new to the company. As always they valued quality and have come up with the perfect pioneer of the tesla smartphone the model PI.

Several information and tidbits have been released about this mysterious model we can’t wait to share with you. The most anticipated smartphone model is rumored to be released in 2022. The cost is rumored to be between 800 and 1200 dollars this price range is shockingly low for the first satellite phone compatible with the Starlink network. The affordable cost of the pi ensures that most people experience the futuristic model without incurring heavy debts.

If you think Apple charges the same price of 1,399 dollars for its latest product this number seems more absurd when one compares the iPhone 13 pro max’s features with that of the Tesla PI. This smartphone is all set to revolutionize the electronics industries overriding popular companies like Samsung and Apple. Tesla is advancing to become a unified maestro and electronics soon. Tesla’s latest venture will link your handsets and four-wheelers with the smoothest interface.

The PI will work on a unique and advanced microprocessor developed by Musk himself for the most powerful of its time. Currently, the most advanced android processor is the snapdragon 845, while Apple uses its design processor the a15 bionic. Both of these processes are tortoises when you compare their speed with the one used in the Tesla PI. While we’re on the topic of processors tesla PI, is said to be equipped with an advanced and popular network Neural ink.


Neuralink is an impressive brainchild of Musk aimed at helping neurologically challenged people experience technology. Like everyone else, Neuralink is a fully implanted wireless brain-machine interface where the customer can control his device with text or voice controls. If the individual is paralyzed, a Neuralink-installed device would be able to work according to their neural activity. This is one of the most revolutionary discoveries by Elon Musk, and its addition to Tesla PI will make it the most advanced smartphone to date.

But wait for guys there’s so much more in the tesla model pi a stunning 6.9-inch alpha ultra display with an 8k resolution will makeTesla PI a juicy deal. This display size will allow you to visualize in high definition without any buffering. Surprisingly the biggest smartphone is sony’s Xperia Z ultra and has a beautiful 6.44-inch screen. Moreover, the PI will have a dynamic AMOLED screen with a 240 Hertz refresh rate for the perfect streaming. This 5g device is rumored to contain a 108 megapixel plus 50 megapixel plus 50 megapixels plus a 5-megapixel wide lens back camera.





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