Tesla's Pi Phone vs Apple's iPhone

Today we are going to inform you about tesla and apple phones

This is a product that Tesla fans have been waiting for. It is a product inspired by Elon Musk as well as a powerful Tesla model Pi smartphone. However, this phone is a huge design that can compete with other phones in the market. In this video we put the popular iPhone produced by Apple, the Tesla model pie phone and the Apple iPhone on one side. Apple is becoming a universal name. Since it sold as many phones as it could last year, the Cupertino-based company has sold nearly 200 units. Millions of units globally Apple gets more accurate than a few things with the iPhone being renewed every year. However, this latest competition, which is ready to welcome another competitor, is backed by the energy of the richest man in the world, who is literally infinite.

It will be a new product backed by Kasturi. Accordingly, everything related to it tesla has python.

This is most successful because he even has a record. He succeeds in everything

If you have a suspicion that Tesla is selling, it will be further confirmed. Currently most electric vehicles launch satellites into SpaceX orbit. A fast pace for himself and the other Customers are also taking it to NASA. The astronauts go into space and make their return. They have millions of fans. And they have a good place in the world right now. Musk is produced before it goes well with their other Tesla.

Tesla model pi and apple I phone Rumor has it that the comparison is apple. Competes with iPhone maker Tesla. Has been linked to rumors that. Made an electric car for a while. Except when the car is not here yet Negotiations, however, have declined. It is not rumored that he had musk Tesla once tried to sell it to Apple.

However, the carmaker was in deep crisis. Kasturi has never met the head of Apple. Tim cook tesla survived and has been around ever since. How about the Tesla model Python stand against Apple iPhones how do phones make Apple? Does not publicly manufacture its phones. The company designs and inspects them. These products are currently sold in the United States and many other countries. And so on There are partners all over the world. That make the relevant components here

Camera lens chips screens and so on It is a well-known fact that even its biggest competitor, Samsung.

Made batteries for Apple. The accelerometer is made by bosch sensotec. While the gyroscope was in existence, the basic foundation for this was laid in Germany. Made by st microelectronics based.

Assembles two companies in Switzerland. Phones for Apple are foxconn and

Both pegatrons are based in Taiwan. Tesla is in high demand in many countries. Factories in many countries Much like its tradition. However they do have their own assembly plants. Here different people will compare the two phones based on certain facts. Do you know about pi model? The camera settings of the two are significantly similar to phones based on cameras. However these are floating around the concepts. The latest and most powerful iPhone The iPhone 13 pro has three lenses. back or tesla model pi phone it has been pointed out that there are four lenses. The iPhone takes great pictures. There is a possibility of taking wide lens photos. But the model the pi phone can do much more. For example.Point the pi phone at the starry sky. Take a high resolution of the night and quality.Images that do not require long exposure You can also use a single lens to take a picture. Another lens captures video. Also The iphone is in front of this stage.

In fact it is becoming very popular for its striking screen. Apple has made the design public .There is a front camera and others. Sensors However, other phone manufacturers have experimented with different designs. The punch camera apple is compressed. Real estate and ruins are aesthetically pleasing but be patient. Model Use an Apple phone anyway. It increases in quality.

The Pi model, on the other hand, will compete with hundreds of other phones currently on the market, including Apple's popular iPhone.Because it sells as many phones as it can, Apple is the most well-known smartphone brand in the world. 

The California-based firm sold about 200 million units around the world.

Despite all of the criticism, there's no denying that Apple does a few things right with its iPhones, which are updated year after year. He is, however, about to welcome yet another competitor.This current competition is backed by the world's richest power, which has limitless resources at its disposal to launch its new product. 

The Tesla Model Pi smartphone, which is backed by Elon Musk, has all the makings of a smash hit.

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