How to Get Press Release Distribution Services: The Ultimate Guide

best press release distribution services

Your company’s news is important. Whether it’s a new product or service launch, an expansion into a new market, or something else of significance, it needs to be announced to the public. A press release is the perfect way to do that. Once you submit your press release through one of the many release distribution services available on the internet today, it will quickly get picked up by news organizations that cover niche industries and topics in depth. These services offer various benefits for businesses, including: - increased exposure - improved search engine optimization - and more. However local businesses may find some services more difficult to work with than others; however most can be convinced with patience and professionalism. To help you determine which ones are right for your business and how to get them working for you in no time

What is a Press Release?

A press release is a document written by a business to announce its news to the public. It is written to be published in newspapers and online news outlets. It is a great way for small and large businesses alike to get the word out about their latest event. The press release is a marketing and public relations tool. It allows businesses to announce their news to the media and their target audience at the same time – and to optimize their chances of having the news picked up and read by as many people as possible.

Why is Press Release Distribution important?

The process of distributing a press release allows it to be picked up by news outlets that cover the subject matter in depth. If a reporter doesn’t receive a release, they can’t write an article. This is important because the more articles a reporter sees on a given topic, the more likely they are to choose that topic as the topic of their article. A controlled release of your release into the right outlets also improves your SEO (search engine optimization). Google’s algorithm looks at a significant number of factors when determining where to place a web page, including how many times your article has been read, where it has been read, and other factors. Sending your release out through press release distribution services enables you to be counted among those factors.

The benefits of press release distribution

- Increased exposure - Improved search engine optimization - More - Local and national coverage - In-depth coverage You pick the topics and select which news outlets to send your release to - No printing or mailing required

How to get press release distribution for your business

If you’ve decided that press release distribution is the best way to get your news out there and onto the desks of media outlets, the next step is to find a service. Thankfully, there are many options available, including online distribution services, print-on-demand services, and direct electronic submission services. Most services allow you to pick the outlets you want to distribute your release to and track the results of your release. While there are a few free services available, most are offered as paid subscriptions. The best way to pick the right service is to conduct thorough research. It’s important to narrow your search based on such factors as cost, ease of use, and the benefits you need. Once you’ve found one service that meets your needs, it’s important to set up the account and get used to how the service works.

Tips for writing effective press releases

- Write in the present tense. This will make your release sound more personal and engaging. - Don’t bury the lead. Start with your main headline and end with a final thought. Then you can build from there. - Don’t overdo the references. This will only slow your release down. - Keep it to one page. This is crucial to the SEO factor. If you’re on more than one page, you aren’t as likely to be found by the algorithm. - Keep it short and sweet. - Try different headlines. You might surprise yourself with the results. - Include a contact name and phone number at the end of your release. - Hit the grammar and spelling button. It’ll help you out considerably.


With the right press release distribution service at your side, you will be able to reach out to thousands of journalists in your target audience. These journalists are more likely to write articles about your subject matter. This will help you gain more exposure for your brand and products. You will also receive better search engine results if someone does happen to search for what you have to offer. This is a great way to spread the word about your company and products.

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