Elon Musk restricts remote work for Twitter workers

Employees at Twitter are not permitted to work remotely, according to Elon Musk, who also mandates that they spend 40 hours per week at the office unless otherwise specifically authorized. Since purchasing the platform, Musk had the first official all-hands meeting for the business, according to Bloomberg. He warned employees of "tough times ahead" for advertising-driven companies like Twitter and stated his desire for membership payments to make up half of the business's revenue.

Elon Musk enforced similar policies at SpaceX and Tesla.

During the pandemic, Twitter promoted a remote work environment that allowed many workers to work from home. Another effort Musk canceled, regular additional leisure days for employees, because he said that Twitter's turnaround would require "hard work." SpaceX and Tesla, two of Musk's other businesses, likewise mandate office hours unless management expressly permits it. In a letter to both groups of employees, he stressed the importance of senior leadership being visible and appearing to be working alongside their subordinates.

After finishing the deployment of Twitter Blue, Musk stated in his speech that the company's top priority is to solve his concerns about automated accounts.

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