Google introduces new cross-platform tools to assist users in following the FIFA World Cup

Starting on November 20, Google is releasing a number of upgrades across its platforms that will make it simpler for fans to follow the FIFA World Cup. These include a daily TV network highlights video, personalized notifications, a special Google TV channel, and a multiplayer game.

You can search for terms like "FIFA World Cup" or "the World Cup" to receive the most recent standings from the competition, just like you would for any other sport. Clicking the bell icon will subscribe you to tournament alerts. Additionally, under the notification option, you can register to get alerts from certain teams. The results of these soccer matches at the World Cup will also include live statistics and victory probability charts.

Users can pin scores to the home screen in order to follow specific matches without constantly searching for updates. They can tap the "Pin live score" button in the score window for a current or forthcoming match to do that. Notably, these elements are also accessible for other competitions and sports.

To display daily video recaps under the matches section, Google has teamed up with FIFA+ and official broadcasters including beIN Sports, BBC, ZDF, and more. So you can quickly catch up if you missed any important events.
The leading search engine will soon enable users to grade players based on their predicted performance in the competition. They can contrast these results with those of other players.

For significant events like this, Google typically includes a small browser-based game, and the World Cup is no exception. You can select a team and attempt to score as many goals as you can in the game once the lineups for the actual match are determined.

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