HenriPay is here to give traditional companies access to the web3 world

HenriPay is Europe’s first payment Solution platform for NFTs that allows traditional companies to tap into the web3 world.

HenriPay, the leading payment solution for buying NFTs with your local payment method, has launched its service to make it easier for companies to sell NFTs. With HenriPay, companies can tap into the 99% of customers who don't have any cryptocurrency and make it easy for them to buy their NFTs.

HenriPay is the first European solution that makes it able to buy Nfts with local payment methods and cross-chain payments. This means that companies can now reach a much wider audience with their NFTs and accept payments in various currencies.

NFTs are part of the Web3 internet revolution.

The internet is now beginning a new phase, the so-called web3, where intermediaries will no longer be needed, and the digital ownership of data comes back into the user's hands. Experts believe the web3 revolution will be even more significant than the internet revolution in 2000.

HenriPay will play a pivotal role in the mass adoption of web3. The internet, as we know it now, will dramatically change in the next ten years. Just as the transition from web1 to web2 was difficult, the same problem with going from web2 to web3, and HenriPay solves that.

With HenriPay, traditional companies can tap into the web3 world and take advantage of its opportunities. HenriPay is committed to providing the best support possible to help companies make the most of this new technology. In addition to being able to accept cryptocurrency payments.


“Henripay is my go-to service provider; over the last few months, they haven't failed at their delivery on time. I occasionally use them to purchase or sell NFTs; I highly recommend Henripay. Great job, Henripay!” Jess Muntenaar – Metarembrandt.com

“Henripay made it possible for us to target traditional consumers that have no cryptocurrency or wallets. This gave access to a much broader market of buyers and helped us a lot in selling the NFT collection.” Danny Coppenrath.

Companies that want to tap into this new market and provide access to their customers can do so easily with HenriPay's support team 24/7 to help them get started.

With HenriPay, you can now reach a new audience of customers who want to buy your unique NFTs.

Their goal is simple: ‘’we want every company on earth to be able to accept cryptocurrency as payment. At henripay, we don't just tell you how you can access the web3—we show you and guide you through, connect you with experts who can assist you in navigating the procedure, and make sure your needs are met from start to finish.

To see what HenriPay can mean for your business. You can reach out to them via HenriPay.com 

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