Boat People Music Announces Their New Music Release in Mid-December


Boat People Music.com! is pleased to announce the release of their new single, "Sail Back To Chicago". It will be released on 16th December 2022. The genre of the music creation is Pop and Rock.

Cap'n Mappy is a writer, composer, lyricist, and musician who aspires to be a singer-songwriter and is experienced in the music industry. He was born in Chicago and began dabbling with piano at age 4. He never received professional instruction or training in music or musical theory but swiftly transitioned from the piano to the guitar, harmonica, and singing. After graduating from college, he rapidly became active in the 90s, 80s, and 70s cover band scene and spent many years performing all throughout Chicago and its surrounding suburbs. "I believe sailing has truly humbled me. You just don't know what tomorrow will bring.  That's what keeps me interested," says Mappy.

Cap'n Mappy has always loved to compose music and has a good ear for it. He often states, "Music has the power to uplift your mood, lower it, make you laugh, then make you cry, or transport you back to a specific time and place, whether it was recently or many years ago. Wow! And what a gift it is to be able to make music and influence people positively. It was given to us by God." Since his time in bands, Cap'n Mappy has continuously composed keyboard and guitar tunes with lyrics. Since he has been managing professional sailboat charters in Chicago for 12 years, he has also acquired quite a bit of sailing expertise.

The lyrics to this brand-new song, "Sail back to Chicago," were penned in a small closet with Christmas lights on the 37th floor of the New York building, while the writer yearned for the summer winds of sailing in the bleak middle of winter. The motivation was primarily driven by a desire to return to Belmont Harbor, where he had spent the entire summer operating sailing excursions. The high of simply being outside with the wind, the boat, and the guests are so intense that its absence leaves a great void. He took up a guitar and began to compose as a result.

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